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Last updated: April 9th, 2009

Finally, some current news!!

Your chance to see it, before anyone else! EXILE will
show 9pm, Saturday, April 18th at the Xanadu Las Vegas
sci-fi/fantasy festival. Also, Mike Conway will be on a
indie filmmaking panel, Sunday, April 19th, at 11am


Do you want to meet other filmmakers?

The Las Vegas IndieMeet 2009 is happens for a 5th
year. Held over Memorial Day Weekend, May 22nd-24th.
EXILE will feature that Friday night, at 8pm. Doors open
at 6pm. Following Saturday's demos, THE CRAWLER
and RECON 2023 will play that evening. Complete info
at these The Sanctuary and IndieClub forums links!


There is an EXILE trailer up at YouTube. Running time, 2
minutes. On that same page, you can find several other





Great Mike Conway write upon bmovieman.com!

Welcome, friends from Japan! Apparently, LOST VOYAGER
has been released, as many of you are perusing the site. This
movie has more titles than Mike Tyson! It seems like everyone
who buys TERRARIUM wants to change the name. Lionsgate
called it WAR OF THE PLANETS. Anyway, it was made in
the fall of 2000' and shot almost entirely in a backyard. That
big spaceship had the neighbors mighty curious!


Husband and wife team, Mike and Sheila Conway, take on
a 48 Hour Film Project, in Las Vegas. Their short spy film,
wins Best Actress and Best Directing! See THREE STRIPE
on YouTube.
Completely shot on a Saturday.


Alright, it's not a secret, any longer... EXILE is the new

It's a bigger, bolder, slicker sci-fi follow up. Click
to see more amazing pics.

Writer/director, Mike Conway and star, Heather Lei
Guzzetta will be special guests, at the It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival!, held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


THE AWAKENING is still a viewer fave and it is now
available at a lower price!


In a recentRogue Cinema interview, Mike talks about
THE AWAKENING, scoring with the Korg OASYS and more.


Germany's Karo Sound Development is using a Mike
Conway demo
to help highlight their incredible Philharmonic
Strings sample library.


Inferno Film Productions will represent THE AWAKENING
at the American Film Market. Check out the awesome new
and sell sheets - Front and Backside.


Music giant, Korg, is featuring Mike Conway in part of it's new
advertising, for their fabulous flagship OASYS synthesizer. The
OASYS was central to the score for THE AWAKENING. Ads appear in Keyboard Magazine, Korg's site, etc.


Mike Conway will be heavily involved in the science fiction movie,
RECON 2023: THE INFERNO CONSPIRACY. This is producer/director Christian Viel's 3rd chapter in his successful
RECON series. Part one. Part two.

Soon after shooting RECON 2023, Mike will start production
on another Midnight Sun Ent. sci-fi feature. Details to follow...


Mike Conway will be a guest workshop speaker, at the It Came From Lake Michigan Independent Film Festival, Oct 20th - 22nd!
If you're in the area, stop by.



Rare clips from THE BLACK CRYSTAL have been
added to the Downloads page! Also an interview with
actor, Mark Lang about getting run over by a truck!


The 3rd annual IndieMeet, hosted at Mike Conway's house
turned out to be an amazing time. See the video here:

Las Vegas IndieMeet 2006


THE AWAKENING DVDs are finally here!!!

THE AWAKENING gets a few rockin' reviews!
Click on any site, below, to go right to a review.

Bum's Corner 2 Part Interview. Part 1 focuses
on TERRARIUM, while Part 2 covers THE

The Rumour Machine follows up their review with
the most extensive Mike Conway interview, ever!
Even if you don't want to read all of it, there are
30 pictures and cool linkes! INTERVIEW.

New review, from The Rumour Machine. Click on the
quote for the full article.
" TERRARIUM by Mike Conway is definitely a worthy inspirational entry and .... should be on the shelves of any self respecting wannabe filmmaker."

EDIT: If links don't stream, you can still download them -
"Right Click" and "Save Target As"

THE AWAKENING is almost here! Here is the new
4 meg Trailer.

W.O.T.P. makes it onto Harry Knowles' (Ain't It Cool
News)" November DVD picks" list. Nice! Here is what
he said:

"Now this film isn’t for everyone, but fans of extremely low
budget sci-fi might be surprised. This is a science-fiction
flick on the same budget as Rodriguez’s EL MARIACHI
and it has a good deal of charm to it, and some surprising
aspects that you just wouldn’t expect. Worth a look for
those that scour the indie scene for Sci Fi."

Holy cow! TERRARIUM's title is changed to
WAR OF THE PLANETS and gets a huge
release! While this is great exposure, be sure to
read the Background page's

Also, the SPECIAL FEATURES disc, which
was so popular with original TERRARIUM DVD
fans, is available. A Paypal link is now on the
ORDER page:

Contact midnightsunent@aol.com, to verify
address and order.

Mike Conway is currently working on the behind
the scenes documentary for THE AWAKENING,
which got very positive viewer response, during its
weekend premiere. DVD should be ready around
March, 2006. Stay posted, for this one!

Heather Lei Guzzetta signs posters at THE AWAKENING

THE AWAKENING premieres on Nov. 4th -6th
in Las Vegas. If you will be in Las Vegas, here is
the flyer, with the premiere info:
For a sneak peek, check out this
30 second clip.


Mainline Releasing/Lightning Ent. bought the
North American rights for TERRARIUM. The title
was changed to WAR OF THE PLANETS. Lions
Gate Films will release the movie on Nov. 15th.
Since the new DVD will not contain the documentary
or other special features, they will be made available
through this website around the time of the DVD

THE AWAKENING has its own site,
See the Trailer and stills, there. The movie is currently
in post-production and slated for completion around
the end of October. Keep your eyes on this one - it's
a doozy!

Mike Conway follows up TERRARIUM with another
ambitous indie flick, THE AWAKENING!
Directed by Mike Conway and produced by
Kelly Johnston, the plot centers around a genetically
altered woman and her battles! See the preview here:


Part of the latest review from
American Synthesizer Magazine:

The BEST indie sci-fi film we've seen since
"Dark Star. What Mike Conway and crew
have accomplished with just $27K is truly
remarkable! Besides being a nifty sci-fi flick
in it's own right, "Terrarium" is a textbook study
of what can be done with solid filmaking
technique, hard work and "never say die"
determination. The film's accompanying
documentary "A Rocketship in the Backyard"
is every bit as fascinating as the film itself. If you're
into Sci-Fi or microbudget film, "Terrarium" is
a must see.

You can also see the latest interview on that same site.

As some of you might realize, there is a new 2004 version of TERRARIUM, for international release. Until it is professionally replicated, we are sending buyers the original discs, plus a DVD-R of the new version. It's not pretty, but it does show the new and improved cut of the film. So far, the responses have been very positive! See the Rogue Cinema review, below. You can see the TERRARIUM 2004 trailer here.

See scenes from TERRARIUM and
ROADKILL on the "Downloads" page.

In May, Mike Conway hosted the Las Vegas IndieMeet. There were
presentations and demos of various production techniques.
Pictures here.

Unspeakable Magazine has a new Mike Conway interview.

Rogue Cinema had a chance to review the new version of TERRARIUM. Apparently, they liked it! Also, check out the interview!

Read the latest review in the Fall, 2003 issue of Videoscope magazine. Also, Fangoria #228 has a photo and listing of TERRARIUM in the Chopping List section.

British movie site, Making the Film.com has the ultimate Mike Conway interview! Read about the making of TERRARIUM, as well as some info on the 1989 feature, THE BLACK CRYSTAL.

TERRARIUM placed 3rd at the ManiaFest film festival, in Santa Monica, CA. This was a great fest that focused on Horror and Sci-fi. Attended by John Landis, Wes Craven, Tobe Hooper, Stuart Gordon, Stan Winston, Sean S. Cunningham and many more accomplished filmmakers.

TERRARIUM wins best sci-fi picture at the Wreck Beach Film Festival !

Check out the latest review from Microcinema Scene. 4 out of 5 stars!

CD-ROM presskits are ready. These contain frame captures, 35mm photo scans and more. If you would like to review TERRARIUM for your internet or print publication, contact Mike, at the link, below.

In June, 2003, Mike Conway had a promotional giveaway, at IndieClub. Check out what indie filmmakers had to say about TERRARIUM:

TERRARIUM thread #1

Thread #2


For more information, send Mike an e-mail at mjconway1@aol.com

These were the first humans they had ever seen...